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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 12 months ago

 And here is the spot for the folks from South Australia to pin some ideas for my visit to Adelaide. I sure enojyed my time visiting there in 2000 and look forward to the visit this year.


Alan Levine's Adelaide visit


I have sent out your presentation topics and had discussions with  our team in Adelaide who are all looking forward  to your visit in October. Most people are keen on  "Promise and Perils of Virtual Worlds" and "Technologies on the Horizon".


There is also interest in "Being There" - dealing with the never ending onslaught of new technology.


I am thinking of hosting this event at the Art Gallery in the city - a beautiful venue which has proved to be successful. I like the idea of cafe style tables with a shared laptop. So some practical examples  for VET practitioners of how to deal with technologies in their immediate environment.



Hi Alan - time is moving on,  so I  would like to plan, and start promoting the Adelaide event. I plan to  start promoting 1 month before and aim for approx 60-80. participants.  I thought the event would be 2 separate sessions,  where people may choose to attend one or both sessions.  Let me know if it is not possible to plan activity around 5 people using laptop  and we can change to presentation. I have outlined a draft below for you comment.


Alan Levine National Tour

Art Gallery

North Terrace Adelaide

9.00am - 1.30


9am Coffee on arrival


9.30 - 11am   -  Being There


presentation as described in the "suggested topics"  ( if each table ( approx 6  people) have a laptop is it possible to have some activity involving participants in this session?)


Yes, I will work this on to the session.  I have started some tech set up requests (http://cogdogroo.pbwiki.com/Tech+Needs) -- it would be nice, if possible, to have a second screen and computer set up to show an application that I refer to in the talk.


11am - 11.15 Morning Tea


11.15 - 1.00 - Promise & Perils of Virtual Worlds


a presentation which looks at the possibilities and challenges facing educators in this new territory. This session could involve group discussion and interactivity on laptop.  The last 20 mins  of this session could also include some of the content/ideas from " Technologies on the Horizon"  which may  be an effectoive way to summarise with how other orgainisations are dealing with the onslaught o new technologies &  change.


1pm - close



 Hi Alan,  I'm working with Annie and working on organising the Adelaide event.  Having one laptop between 5-6 people (80 people in total) is turning out to be quite costly.  The activity that you have planned for these sessions, will it be of great value for the participants to have a lap top in front of them? - Or would 2 computers and two screens be enough?

I look forward to your response.    Voula Fournaros


Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 6:34 pm on Sep 9, 2007

Hi Alan - have you read my workshop plan for 22 October? I am interested in knowing if you are able to develop activities using laptops?

Anonymous said

at 11:20 pm on Sep 10, 2007

Yes, I will work this in to the session (sorry, I could not access this site over the weekend)

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