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 Cannot wait to see the wild, wild west! What shall I do for a visit to Perth?



Hi Alan and thanks for setting up our Perth page.  I just love the name you chose as I'm a fan of pearls and WA of course.  If you had time I would suggest you try to visit Broome in the NW Kimberley region of WA - it has a rich heritage in pearling.  Nevertheless there's plenty to see around Perth but I'm not sure that you will have much time.


Stuart Knox and Anna Brenkley also work with me on the Framework and New Practices projects.  I will ask them to pop onto the wiki and say hi at some stage.  We also have a larger group assisting us in planning the showcase in WA so you may also hear from them.


We are quite excited about the showcase this year as we have changed the format significantly to provide a broader Framework and e-learning forum and we are also running the event for 2 days (was one day in the past).  As well as yourself we have a presenter from Japan and others from Victoria and Tasmania contributing so we are optomistic about a successful event.


We are still finalising our program but at this stage would like you to present our key note address and one workshop on 23 October.  The initial information from you about possible presentations looked great and I did asterisk several sessions that I still need to discuss with our committee for their input.


Alan you can view our up to date event info at  http://www.westone.wa.gov.au/Dynamic/DynamicPge.asp?a=10035,0,Std&gid=4&menuid=98





I wanted to let you know that our reference group has decided on the sessions for our WA event.  They would like the following;


Keynote address (45mins) - Promise and perils of virtual worlds

Presentation (45mins) - Quick and easy web portals


I'd like to confirm that the personal web portals was what we had intended for our mostly practitioner audience


14 August

Hi Alan. Stuart Knox here. Hmmm, what to do in Perth? The mind boggles, or, in your case, doggles. Maybe a quick trip to the historic port of Fremantle, the teenage playground of Bon Scott and AC/DC (he's buried in the cemetery there you know). Perhaps a doggie trot two minutes from the CBD to the war memorial in Kings Park for a fab view out over Perth City and the Swan River. I'd stop in at Eminems on Stirling Hwy in Nedlands for dinner (modern Turkish). Please get in touch if you need more ideas to fill any free time. And so to business. The word on the street is that you would like more information on your audience here in Perth. We'll be expecting a cross-section from government and private training providers, teachers, lecturers, and training/professional development folks from industry. Management will likely be well represented, although I expect the majority of participants to be practitioners and the emphasis of presentations to be geared toward practitioners. Now there will be a good many individuals attending who are very computer savvy and will nod knowingly when you mention RSS feeds, SnapZilla, and your most delicious bookmarks. There may also be some participants who might exclaim in astonishment, hot dang! how'd y'all get that voice to come out that little box! Okay, I'm exaggerating, but you get the picture, right? It may be a mixed group with a wide variation in skill levels.


There's one other thing I'd like to ask you. On the conference program, the presenters' names and the organisation they are from, or represent, appear next to the title of their presentation. I note you joined NMC in 2006. What would you like to appear next to your name with regard to the organisation you represent?

Best regards




Thanks Stu for both kinds of tips. So it is a broad spectrum of audience, no different from most places, no surprise. Are there particular challenges, interest areas, bones od conteention regarding use of tech? Is web 2.0 a head scractcher for most folks, or is there some use of these tools making inroads to their organziations? I know it is hard to paint such broad brush strokes, but I am trying not to pitch the sessions to high, or worse, too low.


For my title, please associate me with "The New Media Consortium (NMC)"


The suggestions for what to see sound marvelous (and listening to AC?DC was a big part of my teen age formative years ;-)



 15 August

Hi Alan. One of the challenges facing educators in rural Australia is access to bandwidth (although it's a bit dismal in the cities, too!), so online applications and sites which require higher bandwidth tend to fall by the wayside in some areas. How this will affect the use of web 2.0 online applications is yet to be determined. At a recent edna (http://www.edna.edu.au/edna/go) workshop, there was a good deal of enthusiasm from presenters on web 2.0 tools (http://www.go2web20.net/), but I had the feeling that many of the workshop participants (mainly high school teachers and TAFE lecturers) were pretty new to the content. With regard to embedding of web 2.0 on a broad basis, I think it's still early days for a lot of places. I'm guessing a blend of introduction and a little 'how to' would give most people what they need to get going. As you say, it's a bit difficult to speak for the masses but, as always, busy people are looking for low input solutions with dazzlingly high output, so pointing to anything that could in any way fulfil those desires, in however limited a way, will still prove satisfying :-)



Hi Alan

we have just commenced promotion and registration for our WA event.  Here is the link if you want to check it out  http://www.vetinfonet.det.wa.edu.au/home/

Ros Howell


Hi Alan

I noted tech requirements for a number of your presentations. Will you need anything in particular for "Quick and easy web portals"?
Nothing special -- all we-based presentation using sites such as PageFlakes, NetVibes, Google home page. Will there be an issues here connecting my MacBookPro laptop top the network?

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