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Here is a place for the folks from Queensland to toss some ideas for my visit on October 26.


FYI, I spent a few days in Brisbance back in 2000  and got to see a little of the Gold Coast



Great Alan and Leura Cathcart and other Queenslanders will be in shortly to start talking with about topics!  -  Cathy


Hi Alan, sorry about the delay in entering into discussion. No excuse really!!!  I have looked at the topics that are on the website and they all look good. I guess for us it would be best to have a presentation because we could pack a room and most of the computer rooms we can get only have 20 stations. My other suggestion is that if we have a presentation we may be able to use Videoconferencing across Queensland to extend our audience.  Am happy to go with your suggestions however. I understand that doing a videoconference is more limiting. What do you think?


Hi Alan again, we have decided we will go ahead with a Videoconference and link in with several sites around Queensland. We will broadcast from our building and provide refreshments for those attending and I am trying to organise the same for those who are linking in via videoconference.  So my suggestion would be that you talk about "new tools, what works and what doesnt". I know it is a bit more difficult with videoconferencing so hope this is OK with you.





Working with the video conference system is fine, but can you give me a better sense what I can or cannot do? e.g. how do remote ites communicate with me? Am I able to share by computer screen? Will people at remote sites have access to computers to follow along and explore, or will they just watch?


More questions - what details do you have for the agenda/structure for the day? I have only a schedule that has me on board 11:00 am - 4:00 pm, which is quite a stretch of time. "new tools" is a bit general; do you want me to go into the virtual worlds piece at all, or more general speculation about what might be done with limited resources there?





Hi Alan and thanks for your prompt response. I have spoken with the Videoconference people and have some answers foro you.  It seems that 26 sites are booked during the lunchtime so I am suggesting a 9.00 am start for 2 hours. I agree that more than that would be difficult using that technology.


Anyway people who are linked in can communicate with the presenter. Each site has a mute button and when they wish to speak, ask a question, they take mute off and the facilitator can see that someone wants to speak. It identified the location etc, i.e. Rockhampton. 


There are two monitors, one will have the presenter up and the other will have the presentation, i.e. a powerpoint and/or website that you would be showing, tools etc.  We can organise to link to the internet but would need to use one of our laptops because they would need to be cleared by our IT specialists. Sadly they will only be able to watch even though they can communicate verbally with you.


In regards to a topic I think it would be good to go into the virtual world piece. Our people would love that especially if they could see the relevance for teaching flexibly.  I am sorry I cant be more specific but would love you to give me a "catch phrase" which can cover a multitude of sins and allows you to actually do whatever you want.  Works for me!!!


Also what time do you arrive in Brisbane, I have been speaking to the private sector who would really like to have something when you are here, i.e. coctail party the night before if you arrive in time. Or something before you fly out.


What a lot of questions, and just a few answers I am afraid, Cheers from sunny Queensland.


Thanks Leura.  Next Questions:


  • If I am running demos from your laptops, I need to know if there are any restrictions on web sites? Will I be able to do a live demo of say Second Life and another VW environment? I generally like to use the technology I am talking about in my demos. If not< will be using a lot of photos, and videos, and will have all materials ready on a CD/DVD data disk.
  • Can you give me any more pointers as to experience or interests this audience might have for Virtual Worlds? I plan to talk about the ppositives and negatives, and hopefull have meaningful examples.
  • Is this the only session you want me to do? That's fine, but my schedule from Cathy had me down for being avaialble all day. I dont need to do more presentations and would welcome some less formal discussions or just relaxing (Brisbane is the last stop on this crazy tour).
  • A party sounds lovely. I arrive Thursday Oct 25 at 5:45 PM, but am also staying over Friday night before a return to Sydney on Saturday



 Red Alert - change of plans for Queensland (tenchology has let us down)


Hi Alan, sorry for taking so long to get back to you but I have had a "little bit of trouble" getting information and ensuring that things go zing on the day.


Anyway the long and short of it is that on the Friday we cannot get enough videoconference sites across Queensland. It seems that while we were promised over 26 sites they are now unable to guarantee more than 6 sites at any one time during the day. They say that after 4.00 pm it may be OK but I can guarantee that at 4.00 pm on a Friday afternoon there is no chance that people will hang around for a couple of hours especially if I have not been able to arrange food and drink for those not in Brisbane.


Soooooooo I am proposing that we go back to a workshop/presentation in Brisbane, I can arrange for it to be taped and then I will videostream the session so that people in the regions will still get something rather than nothing. How does this sound.


We had a great poster done and all!!! with your photo and a series of topics that could be covered.


I will now do another poster and media release saying that it will be a workshop/presentation (I can get a computer lab if you like but we might get quite a few there) covering the topic "Promise and Perils of Virtual Worlds" and any other topic you would like. Will that topic allow you to go to second life and virtual worlds websites? If we get a computer lab away from the government buildings we can link to any websites we like so in some ways this would be a better option.


Let me know what you think?  By the way the party is on! Probably around 4.30 on the Friday but we would like you to do a 10 minute talk on anything you like. There will probably be a different audience from the practitioners in the workshop.


Another question: if you do a workshop will we make it 10-00 to 12.00 and then lunch or do you want longer?  I dont want to work you too hard after your hectic schedule.


When I hear Red Alert, I can hear the old Star Trek sound effects ;-) Thanks for the update. The time frame for 10-12 and the later party sounds fine. The topics bears some discussion:


  • The Virtual Worlds session I am bringing is not really in a workshop format. If you want something hands on, I will have to devise a different plan. We can do this, but I need some help knowing what is going to be useful. We can do some basic Second Life, setting up people with accounts, etc. If this is the case, I need absolute confirmation that (a) the computer labs will allow this (web sites are one things, but Second Life is not always allowed) and the software will be installed. It a big topic, and a hands on session is going to be different than talking about its potential for VET
  • Otherwise, I can do Virtual Worlds as the presentation mode I am doing elsewhere
  • Or pick one of the Web 2,0 workshops I already have prepared.


Not so red anymore, faded to a pinky color!! Feeling much more confident now!!!


I am really happy for you to do the Virtual Worlds presentation that you will be doing in other places, I certainly do not want you to have to prepare anything for us. My preference was for a presentation but I did want to give you the option.  I will ensure you have internet access and I guess you will use your laptop. I will now get some media going to ensure we get a good roll up. 


Thanks for agreeing to do a short talk at the party, we are looking to book the old customs house which is on the Brisbane River and is a lovely venue at the end of the day. We will work with ACPET (Australian Council for Private Ed and Training) for both events.


Bye for now, Leura




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