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Tech Needs

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Below I will try to outline the connectivity and technology I hope to use for each presentation. These are not absolute and are open to discussion!



I will be traveling with my Apple MacBookPro laptop, capable of running Windows XP if needed. Video output is DVI and I carry a DVI to VGA adapter. Often I will use audio output fom the computer, so please arrange a 1/8" miniplug connection to house sound. I prefer a wired connection if at all possible, but can do wireless as well. If I need to use an on site computer, I have a USB thumb drive I can move files to. If there is a need to add my MAC address to a network, let me know in advance and I will email it to whomeever needs it. I'd also like to know of any restrictions/ firewalls that would prevent use of:

  • Second Life-  needs to connect to ports 443/TCP, 12035/UDP, 12036/UDP, and 13000-13050/UDP. You should configure your firewall to allow outbound traffic on those ports, and related inbound traffic.
  • Skype
  • AIM for IM
  • Twitter
  • others?


I will use either my infrared remote for PowerPoint advance ir my Bluetooth mouse for remote control. I like to move among the audience, so if a microphone is used, I prefer a wireless one I can roam with. I also carry my own digital audio recorder (Edirol R-09) so I can publish my own podcasts of sessions. I would need t know if there are any restrictions on this.


"Being There" presentation

(Oct 15 Hobart, Oct 18 Sydney, Oct 19 Canberra, Oct 22 Adelaide, Oct 25 Darwin, Oct 26 Brisbane)

  • A main projector, internet connection, and audio for sound (connected to my laptop)
  • A second projector, any PC/mac that is going to be continusly running a desktop application called "TwitterCamp" - it dynamicallyupdates with lates posts to the online social site http://twitter.com/ -- what is needed to run this is the Adobe AIR runtime  and download the CDB Twitter Camp runtime (CDBCamp.app.zip  Mac) (CDBTwitterCamp.zip Windows) This app will just run continuously on a side screen.
  • Network access for Skype, twitter, AIM to connect live with remote colleagues
  • Print rsource handout (TBA)


Tag We Are All It Workshop

(Oct 15 Hobart)

  • Tech needs are a presentation machine and projector.
  • Participants only need access to a computer, shared is ok. They can use their own del.icio,us account if they prefer but I have accounts set up for both flickr and delicious that can be shared by all. the username is cogdogroo and I will provide the password  at the workshop (or to hosts by email)
  • Suggested printing pages as handouts

Promise and Perils of Virtual Worlds presentation

( Oct 22 Adelaide, Oct 23 Perth, Oct 26 Brisbane)

  • Will need a wired, fast internet connection.
  • Audio form computer to house sound
  • Access to use Second Life, ActiveWorlds, and There.com as  live demos
  • Two large flip charts (for group activities) OR a second Computer that can present a screen used as a "scoreboard"
  • Print rsource handout (TBA)


On The Horizon Emerging Technologies presentation

(Oct 16 Melbourne, Oct 18 Sydney, Oct 22 Adelaide brief version)

  • internet connection, audio for sound (connected to my laptop)
  • network access to use Skype, AIM, iChat to connect live to remote colleagues
  • For participant participation, one laptop per table/grouo with internet connectivity to access WikiSpaces.com
  • Print rsource handout (TBA)


50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell A Story

(Oct 15 Hobart, Oct 25 Darwin)


Powerful Personal Web Portals

(Oct 23 Perth)


Precious Web 2.0 Gems

(Oct 15 Hobart, Oct 19 Canberra)



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